Christine Czoli, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Christine is a Postdoctoral Fellow funded by the CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship, working with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the University of Ottawa. She completed her PhD in Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo, with a focus on population health interventions for tobacco control. Christine’s research has examined high-profile policy areas in tobacco control, including the marketing of “natural” and “organic” cigarettes, the levels of specific carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes, and the ways in which electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) affect smoking behaviour. Her research findings have informed policy on electronic cigarettes at the provincial and federal levels in Canada. Through the CIHR HSI Fellowship, Christine aims to apply knowledge and skills from tobacco control to obesity prevention. Her post-doctoral research will address critical evidence gaps relating to fiscal measures and marketing restrictions for sugary drinks.