Olivia Cheng-Boivin

Former Research Assistant

Olivia was involved with The OUTLIVE Lab for several years and participated in research examining food and beverage marketing in schools, on food packaging, on children’s television stations, and on social media websites. She is currently a second year medical student at the University of Ottawa.


Nomi Berfeld

Former Student

As an undergraduate student in Health Sciences, Nomi volunteered for The OUTLIVE Lab and was involved in research on food and beverage marketing in schools. She also collected data on food and beverage advertising on social media websites.


Mariana Lòpez Santiago

Former Intern

Mariana is a registered dietitian in Mexico and has a Master’s degree in Public Health. As an intern at The OUTLIVE Lab, she collected data on food and beverage advertising on social media and on children’s specialty stations.

Élisabeth-Anne Roy

Former Research Assistance

Elisabeth-Anne was involved in research at the Outlive Lab for several years. As an undergraduate student, she conducted research on food and beverage advertising to Canadian children on television. More recently, she worked as a research assistant and collected data on children and youth’s exposure to food marketing on mobile devices.

Nicholas De Billy

Former Student

As a student in Health Sciences, Nicholas completed an honors research project with the Outlive Lab on children’s exposure to food and beverage advertising in gaming applications used on smartphones and tablets. He was involved in participant recruitment, data collection and data analysis.